About Light Scribbling

Welcome to Light Scribbling, a blog and portfolio for Sydney-based cosplay photographer icie.

Here, I shall serve up my thoughts during my continuing exploration of photography, seasoned by a sprinkling of updates on my latest shoots. This site will also serve as a limited portfolio of a selection of some of my favourite photos.

An expanded vision of my work is available at sister site http://pireze.net, which for all intents and purposes is my gallery.

The history behind this domain is long and varied, at least by the reckoning of the Internet. I will leave off from an explanation of the previous construct that existed here, or the reasons for the transition.

My journey into photography has thus far been a short one, one filled with trepidation, unlikely coincidences and excitement. Seeing the results on the back of a camera, then on screen (and even in print) never stops being a thrill.

Of course, the learning curve has also been frustrating at times, but on a more personal level, photography has yielded many surprising returns, not least of all friendship.

You can contact me by emailĀ here.