Vocaloid Karakuri Burst cosplay photoshoot

Vocaloid Karakuri Burst cosplay photoshoot

Ayuvi and Alice asked me to shoot them as Rin and Ren from the Karakuri Burst PV a few months back. Taking direct inspiration from the colouring of the original art, I adopted a similar approach to the League of Legends Blood Moon Akali shoot, gelling flashes for the vegetation in the background.


We used a small bamboo grove which effectively provided a “wall of bamboo” for the background texture of the shoot, and I then used a number of spill-controlled lights for the key and fill.

The images were then warmed up in post processing to attain the final look matching the art.

All in all, it was a fairly simple shoot. Because of the small size of the grove, and the fact that the background outside was totally unsuited for the shots, I had to restrict myself to a small number of angles.

That said, touch-up was a major pain point because over the years, various amorous couples had inscribed their names on the trunks of the bamboo plants, which I had to remove via a combination of spot removal and cloning. It was a bit of a chore even with a tablet and pen.

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