League of Legends: Blood Moon Akali cosplay photoshoot

League of Legends: Blood Moon Akali cosplay photoshoot

The photoshoot for Blood Moon Akali, cosplayed by ChupiSays, took place in the evening after I shot Mysterious East Alice. The inspiration for this shoot comes from the stock art for Akali which often shows her against a backdrop of fire and smoke. Since neither fire nor smoke were options, I decided to fake it all.


Eric, who was helping with this shoot, drove us out to a a field between a road and a forest, and we started setting up. I positioned the cosplayer pretty close to the forest line, then set up my gridded beauty dish as the main light, as well as a few flashes behind her (hiding them in the bushes and tall grass). These were gelled variously and orange, and positioned to illuminate the trees. I then set up another orange-gelled light, zoomed for additional control, to provide rim lighting for the cosplayer from behind and to the side, giving the feeling of an illumination by fire.

The biggest pain during this shoot was ensuring the light from the beauty dish was catching the cosplayer properly, because grids are quite difficult to work with in near total darkness. Because I was using a small aperture and a long lens to sufficiently bring the forest closer, while rendering it defocused, that made autofocus a bit of a chore as well. But with the help of strategic torch-lighting and phone lighting by Eric, we pulled it off.

My favourite shot from this series is the one where the cosplayer holds up the fan to her face, and we get a nice intricate shadow cast from the pattern on the fan.

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