Fate/Stay Night: Saber (Realta Nua) cosplay photoshoot

Fate/Stay Night: Saber (Realta Nua) cosplay photoshoot

This shoot for Yuki Pandaz’s Cosplay was one of the more conceptually-heavy shoots for me, as in I had a certain look I wanted for this shoot, and that was to match the feel of the Realta Nua ending of the original Fate/Stay Night visual novel (even though the costume was to be the non-armoured version of Saber’s normal battle outfit, which matches the first part of the ending, but not the second. Special thanks to Ita who came along to help out with the shoot.


It was a pretty clear spring day but was also perfect for the shoot because we had some nice clouds in the sky for contrast. Since we were shooting pretty much under full sunlight, the Vari-ND came in useful once more to keep the aperture under control, and I also used a big light (an Alienbee in this case) so I could throw the fill light some distance and still have it be effective.


With the sky being such a big part of the look, it was a matter of framing so as to capture the wide expanse, and for the second part of the shoot I had the cosplayer stand on the top of a slope while I was at various parts of the slope underneath to capture her against the sky without the extraneous artefacts, buildings and people on the ground. I think this really gave a pretty epic look to the pictures, especially with the afternoon sun providing the requisite lens flare.


In the final part of the shoot, we timed it for the sunset. With the sun rapidly lowering behind the cosplayer, there was no real way to balance the lights against the warmer sunset. So we used a reflector and ambient light to complete the look. Working in a field of reeds was pretty hard to be honest – we kept sinking in, and obviously light stands weren’t very happy to stand on such a fluctuating surface. Overall, though, I think it worked well with the golden light and reflector.

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