DC Comics: Spoiler & Batgirl cosplay photoshoot

DC Comics: Spoiler & Batgirl cosplay photoshoot

This shoot for Breathless_ness (Stephanie Brown/Spoiler) and Zuzu (Casandra Cain/Batgirl), with assistance from Christie, Gig and Clare, took place in an alleyway in the city. The thought, of course, was to get the Gotham City look, so I chose a place with cobblestones (which provide a strong texture as well) and iron grills on the windows.


From having seen the art for Spoiler and Batgirl, I noted a strong blue tone with many of the images. True to the comic book look, I also wanted to highlight the characters against deep blacks while still providing a view of the location. So of course, splash control was the order of the day, and that means grids and zooming. Key light as always for such situations was a gridded beauty dish because of the great mix between control, hardness and softness.

For the warmer light of the background, I had a 1/2 CTO gel on a gridded flash aimed variously at the wall or the floor – or turned around, in the case of some images, to provide the lens flare and rim lighting for extra dramatic effect. For the blue/violet foreground, I dual-gelled purple and blue on a zoomed in flash, positioned around a metre off the ground and angled it to fire along the ground. All this allowed me to get the blue tones I wanted in the image, without overwhelming everything with just blue (especially since Spoiler’s costume dominates in that colour spectrum) – the slightly warm light at the background simulates streetlights.

Special thanks to the helpers for the work in throwing cloaks – they really helped to get the dynamic look I was aiming for this shoot. Not to mention the cosplayers, who were challenged with climbing up the window for some of the shots. I also loved the fact that we shot both the unmasked and masked versions of the characters, and I can’t imagine the effort that went into the bodysuits!

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