Psycho Pass cosplay photoshoot

Psycho Pass cosplay photoshoot

Thanks first of all to Min and Minami for inviting me to shoot their Psycho Pass cosplay! I executed this shoot on the evening of the same day that I did Dangan Ronpa. For the characters Kougami and Ginoza from Psycho Pass, I wanted strong lines and shadows to be key parts of the shots, and it was from this initial visualisation that I started building the concept.

The location itself was fairly simple, and I had found it the week before by walking farther than I normally would. The main points for me were the textures from the fencing, the possibility of using the fence as a cookie (shooting the flash through it and projecting shadow patterns) and of course the hard metal and concrete surfaces.

Psycho Pass cosplay

I also wanted a good mixture of action and non-action shots: massive props to Min for putting up with my door-kick, jumping-off-escalator ways!

Lighting equipment wise, it was pretty much the same as what I used for the Dangan Ronpa shoot, with a gridded beauty dish, and a mixture of gridded and non-gridded flashes for things like hair lights and fills. The deployment was a bit different though: I wanted limited light splashes on the surfaces. For example, raking a fence with a flash to bring out the extra texture, and creating natural gradients and vignetting using controlled lights on walls and such. And while I still wanted that dark feeling, I didn’t want to push the contrast on faces to over-drive.

As a result of these considerations, the photos have a kind of silvery feel to them. It’s hard to explain but hopefully you can see what I mean.

Post-processing wise, I wanted really bring out those quality of the photos. I am currently going through a filmic look phase with my processing (mostly things to avoid like over-sharpening, killing off too much grain/noise, overly eager contrast adjustments, etc). Of course, processing photos like that do have a negative impact on how they look once they are posted to lossy social media sites – particularly, grain just tends to muddle up everything.

But if it’s any consolation, viewing the photos on SmugMug (where is based) see to deliver a quality experience – though I think I might be increasingly leaning towards a print approach!

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