Cosplay photoshoot: S.H.I.E.L.D Training Day

Cosplay photoshoot: S.H.I.E.L.D Training Day

Probably one of the most crack-filled shoots I’ve done in a while, I took on the S.H.I.E.L.D Training Day shoot for Gigi, breathless_ness and Christie. We shot at a private gym in an office complex (thanks to Christie and her family connections), and decided to start with a relatively bright look. This would allow either stock-image type looks, or a kind of futuristic/slick kind of look (think J.J. Abrams-class lens flares). It is the latter that I opted with in post.


To get the look of a sun-drenched gym going (or more specifically, a training facility in a flying ship), I deployed an AlienBee modded with a big parabolic silver umbrella outside the window of the gym. While the massive umbrella acts like a big sail and is highly susceptible to falling over, the good thing about shooting at a gym is the ability to use weights which are already on site to weigh down the light stand. Additional highlights were provided with bare zoomed in flashes or gridded flashes.


By raising ambient in a directional manner via the parabolic umbrella with a powerful light outside, I can simulate window light without explicitly having light targeted at the cosplayers. Basically, it’s a way to boost ambient light, and then use the extra flashes inside to provide hair light for the finished edgy look.



Overall, much fun with the shoot, especially crack-worthy once Gigi started doing her Tony Stark faces, which looked more like “I just saw some porn on my iPad” faces.

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