Cosplay photoshoot: Magi – Morgiana

Cosplay photoshoot: Magi – Morgiana

Kiara asked for a shoot in a desert location, and since I’ve never actually shot in the Kurnell sand dunes before (someone else did that notorious shoot where they went during summer), and it is currently the antipodean winter, I said yes. As it turned out, I came down with my annual bug right around that time, and when I was bedridden the whole of the next day, I wondered how I managed to do that shoot (and the whole trek up to the sand dunes). The human body is indeed a wonderful machine.


As it turned out, the day was pretty cloudy to start with, so when we commenced shooting we had some nice cloud cover going, which helps, because there is no shade at the sand dunes. Got my stuff set up, found out that HSS does not work (boo) and overall it was a pretty slow start.

I was using a Saberstrip for the first time during this shoot (because of its wind resistance), although it’s probably a better idea to start off by using it at night, because of fundamental uncertainties over its coverage, throw and nature of the light – in daylight, I couldn’t really tell if it was actually working or if I had aimed it properly, or if the silver umbrella I had as a backup was actually doing the majority of the lifting. A good thing that ambient was good, although I think I did get the hang of it as we approached the middle of the shoot.

We had a good variety of shots from this first time collaboration, and had a pretty fun time overall (my sniffling notwithstanding). I especially liked the action stuff where we actually got the sand to fly pretty effectively, and then later one up one of the dunes while the sky was clearing, which gave really good desert and blue sky type shots.

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