Cosplay photoshoot: Kindan no Elixir

Cosplay photoshoot: Kindan no Elixir

Pictures of this shoot for Skye and Hiyuki (who are part of DIVA Cosplay – go Like their page) might already be familiar to those of you who are “in the scene”, because they have been posted in a few places already! Massive props to the cosplayer, as well to the helpers on the day Daniel, Kenneth of RunSnipe Photography and Ray, who went above and beyond to get a great location.

Sheryl Macross Kindan no Elixir cosplay

But before we get into the details of this shoot, a bit of an aside. You might also have realised that I have slowed down a bit in terms of processing and posting, and this is because of – ironically – an increased work load after I was made redundant IRL.

One would think that being made redundant would result in a heap of spare time, but all the other tasks itching to be done just expand and take over all that free time. So there has been a lot of activity in terms of relaunching my professional career, starting a business, etc, and this has taken some focus away from processing.

Another thing is a pretty massively complicated shoot coming up which is taking up a lot of effort in planning and prepping. Just let me say that if you don’t hear anything from me in regards to this after this, it probably failed. ;P

Lighting for cosplay photography panel

And one of the other things which has actually preoccupied me during this period is the fact that I am going to be co-hosting a cosplay photography panel at SMASH! this year (10 August 2013). It will run from 2pm to 2.30pm at the Cosplay Panels Room and unlike the previous panel (which I co-hosted with Straw in 2011), this one is a bit more advanced and specific.

The audience is assumed to know already how to use a camera, but is interested in getting into lighting. We’ll show how to put together a compact and cheap basic lighting kit, and then how creatively using two flash units can allow us to obtain a variety of results.

Kindan no Elixir

To start with, this involved quite a few rewatches of the Kindan no Elixir part of the Macross Frontier movie for me, to really nut out the feel for the shoot, the way the light is cast on the characters, the general colour tones, and the emotions.

My conclusion was that I actually didn’t need too much control over the light – in fact, the light is soft and pretty dreamy, with a lot of heavy lifting on the part of the location and coloured background. So gels were naturally a big part of it all.

Key lights for this shoot were two SaberStrips. Shadows were filled with various combinations of barebulb flashes. Lights predominantly gelled in cooler colours were used to modify the environment.

On that day, we started off using the University of Sydney, but then Ray, who had been calling around various churches and cathedrals, got a call telling him we had permission to use a certain chapel for our shoot. Naturally, we packed up (having gotten a variety of good shots already) and headed for the new location.

Overall, it was actually a pretty relaxing day. To start relatively early in the morning, then wrap in time for a late lunch, is a bit of a different feeling! Of course it wasn’t that relaxing a day for the cosplayers and helpers who had to catch a flight out later that day, but overall, I think it was a good shoot and a great experience.

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