Cosplay photoshoot: FREE! Haruka Nanase

Cosplay photoshoot: FREE! Haruka Nanase

Will (AmenoKitarou) asked for a FREE! solo shoot the other week, in what would be a fairly simple affair where we go to a pool, and we shoot there. And it was actually that simple.


Lighting was done with two silver umbrellas because we had to dispel some shadows cast by the afternoon sun. I also attempted to shoot through a piece of perspex which had some water drops on it for the splashy kind of look, but unfortunately that mostly failed (needs two more helpers, to start, and some very good reflection management). One of those shots did make it into the final edit though.

Overall, a very relaxing and efficient shoot, as is always the case with Will. We did get a staff member coming up and saying something about permissions but Will used his Authority and some name dropping and that was the end of that!

Another issue shooting at a semi-public pool was that, well, the public was there. We had to time our shots to not get any identifiable features in the shots, and there were also kids who would be happily swimming along until they got to our end of the pool, where they broke out into butterfly strokes. No equipment casualties due to the splashes though.

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