Cosplay photoshoot: Arrow at Free Comic Book Day 2013

Cosplay photoshoot: Arrow at Free Comic Book Day 2013

This is my first time going to the Free Comic Book Day. In Sydney, Kinokuniya and King’s Comics were the hub of the festivities, and with the number of people turning out in cosplays, it resembled a convention at times. I was going there to meet up with a few friends, so I wasn’t going there with the intention of taking many photos. But I did pack my camera and a flash, just in case.


It was good to see all the familiar faces again, especially people who I rarely meet outside of bigger group meetings or at cons, and I took a few photos of them.


Jill and Alana. Jill is in her new Batgirl costume, and we’ll be shooting that soon.


Nabari and Alana.




Jill and Moonblader, as Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) from the DC TV adaptation Arrow.

We would go on to shoot Arrow at an alleyway nearby, with thanks to Sakanamochi who held the flash as I decided to destroy the ambient light.

However, the already short and impromptu shoot was interrupted by the authorities turning up because someone had apparently called 000 after mistaking the low-profile shoot (no light stands, no massive DSLR) for a bow-and-arrow murder.

Needless to say, the officers weren’t very impressed, especially when I started chuckling at the absurdity of the situation. But in hindsight I can see how the misunderstanding could occur. Mea culpa and lessons learnt for not more comprehensively thinking about the implications of shooting with mock weaponry on the street.

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