Cosplay photoshoot: Angel Sanctuary

Cosplay photoshoot: Angel Sanctuary

The second of three shoots on the day before SMASH! After wrapping up the Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun shoot, we had a bit of a break, the cosplayers zimiel and Karen went back to their accommodation to get changed, while I took the opportunity to change my equipment. We also met up with takuyar, who would be assisting with the final two shoots.


Whereas TnK required nice soft light and thus umbrella softboxes, the other two shoots would require progressively darker looks, and thus better control over the light: Angel Sanctuary in particular, I conceptualised as having pretty low-key lighting, a dark atmosphere and a cool, desaturated colour tone. This sombre mood would echo somewhat the relationship between the characters of Setsuna and Sara.

I chose my gridded beauty dish, which is my light shaper of choice for shoots requiring controlled lighting, due to its balance between spill control and soft light.

The environment was chosen accordingly, a graffiti tunnel whose hard concrete textures would contrast with the relatively soft lighting on the cosplayers. Additionally, the red of the ribbons we used (thanks again to takuyar, ribbon-bondage-mistress and feather-meister) echoed faintly with the red of the graffiti along part of the tunnel.

In one of the shots, we constructed a wing by laying feathers on the ground, and I then went around to get to the top of the walkway that we were shooting at, hopped a fence, and teetered at the edge to get the picture.

Of course, throughout all that the cosplayers were lying in thin clothing on the cold hard ground – my sincerest apologies for taking so long to scramble up there!

And once again, thank you to takuyar for her feather-handling expertise.

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