Supanova Sydney 2012

Supanova Sydney 2012

This post is being written while I wait for a plane at the airport in the wee hours of the morning. Overall, it’s been a busy week and weekend, but luckily, I managed to speed through most of my coverage for Supanova Sydney 2012 on a same-day basis (save for a shoot on the Sunday).

I still remember the first Supanova I went to, a small affair at a wharf with barely any cosplayers and plenty of walking room, and where Pokemon was the biggest buzz (for me anyway). Well, the convention has certainly grown, and along with it, the number of cosplayers and attendees squeezing into The Dome at Olympic Park.

Given the size of the event, it is now a distant dream for a photographer to provide blanket coverage of the cosplays, but I am fairly selective anyway. In fact, due to the large area and constantly moving crowds, I could wander around all day and not bump into some people that I know to be around the con.

This year, we have the continuing trend of increasing numbers of cosplays, and at the same time, we are seeing a resurgence in the popularity of American comics (though Supanova was always an event that lent itself to a higher number of American pop culture cosplays compared to anime-centric events like Animania or SMASH!)

The first day (Saturday) of Supanova was crazy — huge crowds concentrated inside due to the rain outside. Going from one end of the Dome to the other, through the crowds (who were channeled into aisles for the stalls), was a fairly serious effort. I basically hung around some less-crowded areas for extended periods of time and waited for cosplayers to trickle through, then moved to another area, and alternated between these.

Supanova saw the first debut of my cards, and they were well-received by those I gave them to (only found one later on the floor — and I know who dropped it XD).

I also did some shoots for the Tekken group, for Christie’s Cloud, and for Aymie and her friend’s Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

The second day was a bit more boring for me personally, maybe because I was tired. In terms of floor shots, I got around equal amounts for both days, but there were less shoots requested for the second day. I ended up leaving around 3:30pm.

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