Location Scout: Ruined School

Location Scout: Ruined School

We were driving along when she pointed it out. As we slowed down, patches between leaves and branches showed dilapidated roofs and boarded windows, and a quick satellite scan showed the structure to be fairly large. We knew this was no ordinary find, so far were we out of our ordinary orbits. Certainly, in my years of cataloguing locations, I have never been aware of this place. The excitement gripped us: that thrill of finding something forgotten, previously unknown.

We parked, then walked through the adjacent field, rain still clinging to the uncut grass, beading and bleeding into my jeans. The sky was dull, subdued for the ghosts that rest in this forgotten place.


The fence pretty much went around the entire complex, but my scouting sixth sense said that there had to be a way in.


Near the rear of the complex, there was a burned out house with only its chimney stack remaining. Grass had taken over what was once the floor, and the fence there was gone.



With almost everything boarded up, we deemed it unnecessarily risky to attempt to enter any of the buildings. Certainly, entry was possible, as seen below, through a window, and vagrants from an earlier time had certainly gone in there and smashed down a few of the barricades. However, it was pretty dark, and we were unsure as to whether the building would be occupied. We did see signs that people lived around the buildings.



This short walkway, almost certainly once enclosed by glass, was now a skeleton, the shattered glass lying discombobulated on the grass.




The wet and dry cycles meant nature’s smallest denizens were starting the invasion of the structures, but close as they get, the wooden barricades will remain steadfast against the overtures of roots and branches for years yet.

[pireze]ScoutTR_08 [pireze]ScoutTR_12

It was increasingly obvious that this was once a school, and a fairly large one at that. Its obsolescence was not a sudden fall, but rather a well thought-out process which has sealed the insides of many of the buildings. While a certain curiosity remains in me about the state of the interiors, I did feel an uneasiness around this location. We walked on tiptoes and tried to minimise the sound we were making – though that is always a good idea when exploring.





At where the front entrance would have been, a walkway stretches from the gate facing the road to the second storey of the main building.




[pireze]ScoutTR_22 [pireze]ScoutTR_26

Stone steps to the grand entrance, now a shattered remnant, the doorway sealed by weathered boards.



Location assessment

Possible uses: fashion, horror, action

Accessibility: low – far away

Risk: high – open views from surroundings, possible inhabitants

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