Location #192

Location #192

The ruined manor at Location #192 is known to locals and also online, to a degree. As always with research, the first step is finding the right questions to ask. I visited this place some time ago, but am only just getting around to processing photos and putting blog posts together around this. My reasons for continual non-disclosure in regards to specifics of locations are outlined in my seminal (for this blog) post On Locations.


All that aside, Location #192 was already been used quite effectively for a cosplay shoot a few years back. But I did want to explore it myself, given the chance.

[pireze]L192_02 [pireze]L192_03

The manor suffered a series of fires, which put it out of commission, so it has just been left there to crumble. The scorch marks are still visible on number of brick walls.

[pireze]L192_06 [pireze]L192_08

The property is huge, and there is a lot to explore. Some buildings are detached from the main house.



Nature is slowly but surely re-taking the site, with trees and plants clambering all over parts of the brick wall. Without further interference, the entire site will be swallowed up in a forest.

[pireze]L192_11 [pireze]L192_14

Exploring Location #192 really reminded me of my days as a child reading Prince Caspian, when the human children returned to the ruins of Cair Paravel.

[pireze]L192_13 [pireze]L192_15

My favourite area was definitely what I have taken to calling the “chapel” with stepping stones leading to an elevated area and something resembling an altar.



The outside of the building is also nice, but we heard a snake in the undergrowth.

[pireze]L192_20 [pireze]L192_21

Apparently, many of the plants surrounding the area are flowering species, so a visit in spring would be much more colourful.

[pireze]L192_22 [pireze]L192_23

As we were walking away from the property, I came across this scene.


And further out, we found another abandoned dwelling. This one is a much more modern house, but it’s either been torn apart by human elements, or just left, once again, to crumble away naturally.


With this location, it was important to watch our steps, as well as keep a lookout above, because a number of the roof tiles are still in place, but could come down at any movement.[pireze]L192_25 [pireze]L192_26

[pireze]L192_27 [pireze]L192_28

I really liked the lines made by the exposed wooden structure of the house. Given it is 100 percent exposed to the elements, I don’t expect it to stay around for much longer.



That concludes my photographic summary of Location #192. There are a number of other location scouts in my backlog which I will progressively process and blog about when I have time.

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