Fashion photoshoot: Retro-style Angelic Pretty Fantastic Dolly

Fashion photoshoot: Retro-style Angelic Pretty Fantastic Dolly

This is the second part of the same day as the GLW split wig shoot for hehalana, but considered a separate shoot because the wig and look (influenced by the makeup) is different. As opposed to a purely glamour look, this shoot has a more retro look, involving a secret door disguised as a bookshelf, and the second half of the shoot becoming more purely retro in the classical perfume ad manner. This shoot made use of some of the most exotic settings conjured up by the location.

To tell the truth, shooting with just one is hard enough, but shooting with three mirrors is ridiculously difficult. Foremost among my concerns was trying to keep the illusion alive by keeping photographer and equipment out of the reflections.

Initial approaches in using the usual lighting modifiers, even with grids, resulted in light which had too much splash, which wasn’t subtle enough, etc. When I had very nearly given up (I was at the stage where I was just using ambient, but it didn’t work out), I hit upon the magical combination of a golden reflector (it is visible in the mirror in some shots, but isn’t too distracting) and a flash fired to bounce off the reflector.

This provided a sort of under-lighting, but not of the scary variety, instead very nicely filling in the face and countering the under-eye shadows caused by the downlight above the area, and surprisingly providing light which had a good mix of definition and softness. While I don’t usually prefer the golden reflector, this was one shoot where it really worked, giving the warm ambience to the scene which really convinced me when I looked at the pictures on the camera screen that this was really working.

I must also thank nabari for all her help during this shoot, and her key role in reflector duties during the last part of the shoot. And of course, much thanks to hehalana for her outstanding makeup skills, and her patience during a technically challenging shoot.

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