Fashion photoshoot: Mori Girl

Fashion photoshoot: Mori Girl

The Mori Girl style is one of the things I’ve had a fairly long-standing fascination with. Its focus on natural textiles and textures, rustic settings and sheer ethereal feel resonates with a part of me which longs for a fictional past of elegant and yet simple living.


When considering a Mori Girl shoot, I wanted to be as true to the aesthetic goals of the style as possible – that is, to stick as closely as I can to natural elements during the shoot. Thus, I set two limits or conditions which would yield the natural results I wanted. I would not use a flash (though a reflector was OK), and I would just use a 50mm prime lens for the entire shoot.

There were also a number of considerations in regards to exposure, composition and posing, which I picked up from a study of Mori Girl style photos. For her part, Alana coordinated the outfit, hair, props, and of course, the fantastic makeup for the shoot.

For the location, I had previously scouted around and in Centennial Park and found a pine forest on a hill, which had a number of advantages, being that shooting up the hill would eliminate any man-made buildings and roads, yielding only trees, grass and sky; and there was also considerably less foot traffic compared to Centennial Park itself.

Additionally, the trees were not of a blatantly Australia variety, afforded good shade, and were of the ideal density which would give a foresty feel without being too dense, which would bring with it the problem of insects, and restrictions on positioning. Other benefits we found on the day included nearby parking, nice dappled shadows and light, and a good ground cover of pine needles and pine cones, which gave the shoot an autumnal feel that matched well with the outfit.

I must especially thank WindFJoker for her help in driving, reference perusal, hair and costume spotting and adjustment, and reflector struggling. Certainly, her help made the shoot go much smoother than it would have otherwise, especially due to the wind picking up later on.

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