Fashion photoshoot: GLW Split Black & Lavender

Fashion photoshoot: GLW Split Black & Lavender

This shoot was executed with hehalana, who had a brief from GLW (Gothic Lolita Wigs) to model their Split Black & Lavender wig. From the beginning, we wanted to do something which defied some of the conventions of gothic lolita photos, especially the stuff that had already been done for GLW. The word I had in mind going into the shoot was “glamour”, with photos dominated by darker colours like dark browns or maroons, while still illuminating the wig, such that the lavender and the lustrous black will stand out.

I had compiled a look book for the shoot the night before, but I knew that certain things would not be possible, so it wasn’t just a matter of copying glamour lighting. In the end, I adopted lighting based on the Gyaru shoot, but with a few enhancements and adjustments to fit the location.

The problem with shooting a dark wig (the black part of the split) in a dark environment is getting the wig to stand out, or pop out from the darker backgrounds. So, a hair light was considered a necessity. To add to the theatrical quality of the shoot, I wasn’t too fussed about including the light in the picture if needed.

For this shoot, I was juggling four lights, so every time the setting (or in some cases, the angle) changed, it was a matter of rearranging the lights. But in the end, we managed to complete this segment of the shoot in 2 hours (a requirement from the location). We then did another shoot at hehalana’s request at another setting in the same location which did not have the time limit.

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  1. oh wow! where did you go for this shoot?


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