Fashion photoshoot: Atelier M’s Juicy Fruits

Fashion photoshoot: Atelier M’s Juicy Fruits

This collaboration with Atelier M (with models Straw, Ita and Alana) was for original designed clothes, or as we call, it, a conceptual shoot. For an artist’s statement, one would have to ask Minami, who for all intents and purposes was the director for the shoot (she was the one who organised/did everything). On my part, I just did my normal photographer thing, which is a mix between being a grip, micro-management of posing, and of course, taking the photos themselves.

A few days before the shoot, Minami sent across reference pictures in regards to the style of photos she would like for the shoot, and I realised I would have to borrow a boom from peppanda, which I did (and helped out at one of his shoots too). The core look was high-key, very contrasty, dark type of shoot, with pretty precise control of lighting, so grids and egg crates were the accessories of the day.


I must say, my current capabilities in terms of working with booms aren’t optimal, because I tend to focus more on portability of equipment (a high priority consideration for me) rather than steadiness, which is very important for booms. My setup, I am pretty sure, was well over the recommend weight limit for my light stands, and was extremely precarious: it was balanced, but only barely.

At the end of the day, though, it’s the results that matter, and I really quite liked what I ended up with. I achieved the look that I wanted (and which really suited the designs) although I will need to do further explorations in terms of this sort of lighting, possibly in studios.

Thanks must go to Minami for organising this shoot and inviting me to shoot, as well as the models, who were awesome, as per usual.

Also thanks to Assembly Bar and Ben Taouss for the great location.

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