Cosplay photoshoot: Skip Beat Kyoko and Sho (Prisoner PV version)

Cosplay photoshoot: Skip Beat Kyoko and Sho (Prisoner PV version)

The last SMASH!-related shoot was for Singaporean cosplayers elpheal/Kaika (check out her blog here) and Zephyus with help from Rayuzaki. The series the cosplay is from, as you can probably tell by now, is Skip Beat, but the costumes are the devil and angel ones from the Prisoner PV, where the complicated relationship between Kyoko (elpheal’s character) and Sho (Zephyus) starts creeping into the proceedings during the making of the PV.

The location we used is a park which is a bit out of the way, but is relatively quiet and has a nice tunnel which is basically cut through a cliff. While there was talk about using Cockatoo Island for this shoot, the Biennale currently being run on the island means we couldn’t use it.


For the most part, I kept a lot of control over my lights, trying to prevent too much of it spilling about. We started off with the cool kind of look, but you’d notice around picture 14 onwards, we went out and used the sunset, thus warming up the tones, with the sharp rays of the sun scraping across the wall for maximum texture. With the sunset shots, I deliberately refrained from using gels to balance the warm light, in order to get that mix of colours.


I can’t imagine how much effort both cosplayers put into the costumes, which were very detailed, even from a non-sewing perspective like mine. The makeup was also pretty much perfect, not to mention the massive black wings! I’m not too sure about the details, but you know things are serious if a cosplayer is travelling overseas and cosplaying something with wings.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome Photoshoot and photos ^_^! Thanks for being so patient while we changed >.<

    The tunnel photos gave such a haunting vibe XD!

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