Commercial shoot: HY William Chan’s Palette of Urban Green (Vivid Sydney)

Commercial shoot: HY William Chan’s Palette of Urban Green (Vivid Sydney)

Alright, it has taken some time for me to get around to posting this, but I think it’s probably still quite important to put this here, since this blog acts as a kind of portfolio for me, and also I might be offering commercial photography services soon. Basically, after I did the preview for Vivid Sydney 2012, one of the artists, William Chan, who did the Palette of Urban Green artwork at Vivid, contacted me to help with some portraiture he needed, because he was being interviewed by InDesign Live but they didn’t have a photographer (a growing trend with budget-conscious publications), so they needed him to provide shots of himself/his artwork for the article.

So on 28 May, I went down to Circular Quay where the artwork was and executed a portraiture and documentation session for William. If I recall correctly, I used an umbrella softbox and a gridded flash for most of it, with another flash providing a degree of illumination from behind. I threw in some gels later (though cars nearby were dyeing the sculptures red with their brake lights already, so the gels just boosted the effect a bit).


After getting a variety of poses and shots of the artist in front/amongst his artwork, I also set up my tripod and did general documentary shots of the artwork. To show a crowd interacting amongst the artwork, but still retain the general character of it, I used a longer shutter speed, while a crowd milled amidst the structures. I fired a few weak flashes to imprint “ghosts” of the public on the final image.

Here’s some coverage which utilised my photos:

[InDesign Live article: Palette of Urban Green by HY William Chan]

[HASSELL corporate website news]


PS: Clarification: I am currently considering doing paid commercial/corporate type portraiture and event coverage. I will NOT do paid cosplay photoshoots.

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