Blog reorganisation & photo cards

Just a short update this time! I have just re-organised this blog with new sub-categories and unified titles which will allow readers to quickly find posts relating to cosplay, fashion and location photos. I have also (in just one night!) completed selection of an updated portfolio which will be pushed onto this blog in due time. I just added a few photos from 2011-2012 to the selection, and part of this selection process was also for the creation of photo cards, which I expect should arrive before the Supanova Sydney convention.

The good news is that my taste in picking and choosing the “best” photos has not changed since my original portfolio selection, so some of the pictures that you can see in my portfolio collection on this site are being made into physical cards (though around half the cards are from a newer selection). This is my first time making photo cards — if you have one of my previous cards, you’ll note that they are fairly plain. I am fairly excited to see how the photos turn out in physical (albeit little) form.

Upcoming updates (not in any order and not guaranteed): CCS shoot, Vivid Sydney 2012, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko (possible), wedding fair, photo card arrival