Fashion photoshoot: Proper Girl Princess

Fashion photoshoot: Proper Girl Princess

For lack of a better title for this shoot, I decided to use the name of the dress, which is Angelic Pretty’s Proper Girl onepiece, worn by the lovely Hehalana. It was great to work with her again for this shoot, and overall, the feel is definitely very different from the Alice-style shoot we did before. For one, this shoot was planned as an indoor shoot from the start. We had some difficulty in deciding on a place to shoot, but after clarifying the concept (the theme is “Princess”, and the look is “Glamour”, and the dominant colour theme is Pink), we decided to just shoot at the first location as suggested, which was the pink room at The Secret Room Cafe.

There were other locations suggested, but they either did not suit the theme, or the other suitable location had in fact ceased to exist (-1 off my location list, unfortunately). In any case, while I was initially resistant to the use of The Secret Room Cafe again, the conceptual differences meant that constraints on the location could be overcome by creativity in style and lighting.

Hehalana and her sister brought along a whole heap of accessories, which were meticulously arranged on the table. A black curtain was also used to great effect, as was my leaky bubble gun (thanks to the bubble gun operator Nabari) at the end of the shoot.

The lighting for this shoot was fairly simple. I decided to make use of ambient as well as supplementing the light with my own, so my flashes were gelled full CTO to match the incandescent-type lights used in the room. I was also inspired by a number of fashion blogs that I subscribe to, which basically cover the latest fashion shoots found in magazines. Particularly, I was intrigued by those shoots that have the “harsh” look of direct flash, but somehow manage to retain the high-fashion look.

Since my usual two-light setup and light angle isn’t well suited to glamour-type shoots (the lights were usually situated at obtuse angles to the subject, meaning they tended to highlight flaws in the skin), I changed the lighting angle to be much more “face on” to the subject, which yielded the results I was looking for.

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P.S.: I am free for shoots for the next week or so. Basically, my schedule is nearly empty from 31 Dec 2011 to 8 Jan 2012 (including all weekdays). Drop me an email or find me on Twitter and we’ll see if we can work something out. After this period, my schedule will return to normal because work will start again.



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