Fashion photoshoot: Alice Lolita

Fashion photoshoot: Alice Lolita

This can’t really be considered my first not-really-cosplay photoshoot, since have done some studio shooting before. However this is the first where I was principal photographer, and I must say it was really fun.

My constant position has been that cosplay shares many similarities with fashion; the lolita subculture further blends the two together. The various costumes may seem cosplay-like, but it’s also a lifestyle and highly fashion conscious. And of course, within the cosplay community, there are a number of people who both cosplay and are lolitas.

Hehalana and I had been shooting messages back and forth for a few months regarding a possible shoot, but things really gelled together these few weeks (after the convention season in Sydney) and we managed to get a shoot fixed. Hehalana would be the Alice Lolita, while her sister was a white rabbit kodona.

The park in question is actually pretty popular with weddings. It has nicely manicured bushes and is well-maintained.

Come weekend afternoons and there are usually two or three wedding-related events (be it ceremony or shoots or receptions) at the same time, even though the park is pretty small. It is also in a fairly exclusive area with a large function hall just next door and a nice church down the road, making that area something like wedding central.

I did call the council in advance asking for permission to use the park just in case anything comes up. They adviced me that there was have a wedding happening at around 2pm, so we scheduled the shoot earlier.

A problem with the park was that many of the areas which are good to use are under the open sun. Come noon, for example, with the sun overhead, and you are not getting any shade in some areas, so getting shots in those areas early was a priority.

Besides the manicured bushes which suit the Alice theme well, there was, by chance a small vine-covered door built into one of the walls of the park — very ideal for the shoot.

Overall, the photoshoot went for a bit shorter than what I am used to (three hours is considered short for me — long is a three-day weekend) but I got the shots I wanted (though pass-to-reject efficiency went down). I must thank Hehalana and her sister for putting up with me and the situations I put them in to get some of the photos.

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  1. me and sis (nabari) likes playing among the bushes XD we’re totally up for it any time! have to give credit to nabari for holding on to the same running pose and help holding out the reflector to block the sun :)

    The outcome looks great! :3 I loved the location, it was a really well groomed park, and that door is so awesome! I wear i have more eyebags XD post processing was way fast icie!

    (pass-to-reject efficiency went down) T^Tll

  2. The photos turned out much more awesome than I expected! *looks at quality difference of photos on our own camera.* orz Highly agree on the speed of the post processing – processed on the same date as the shoot with rest afterwards?! Too pro! o.o’|||

    I never knew that we would have to contact council in advance to use parks… ^^; looks like Hehalana and I should be more sneaky from now on. XD

    Thank you for putting up with my amateur-ness in many aspects. I look forward to more of your work with Hehalana!

    • pireze

      @hehalana I’m glad you liked the photos! And yes, thanks to both of you XD so much effort!
      The pass-to-reject efficiency is not to do with the shoot but with how I was shooting and selecting photos. I’ll write more about that later. :)

      @Nabari We don’t have to contact council but sometimes I do it anyway especially cuz that park is very busy used for a lot of weddings. It’s always good to be able to say “I got permission from so-and-so and we can shoot here”.
      I hope when you get your Katanagatari group together that I can help out with some shooting!


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