Fashion photoshoot: Gluttony Theme Lolita

Fashion photoshoot: Gluttony Theme Lolita

The elegant gothic lolita community is small in Sydney compared to cosplay, but no less vibrant. Of course, my links to people within this community stems from those that I know through cosplay. Following the successful Alice Lolita shoot I did with Hehalana, alysael (an outstanding cosplayer who I have shot for a number of times) enquired about doing a lolita shoot. Of course it wasn’t a chance that I would pass up, since I myself am a pretty big fan of the gothic lolita aesthetics.

She specified the outfit and theme as gluttony- or birthday-related. So the obvious choice for location was a cafe of sorts. The problem of course lay with finding a cafe which would allow shoots, while having the right kind of interior. Since the need hadn’t arisen in previous shoots, I didn’t have a wide range of locations suited for the elegant gothic lolita look in my database.

There are a number of pretty swanky restaurants and bars which would fit the need, but of course, getting permission is half the difficulty. Places offering high tea, including The Victoria Room (Darlinghurst) and The Tea Room (QVB), etc, are undoubtedly high end, but once again permission was doubtful. Yet, it was a good vector to start looking along.

My searches led me to a less well-known place called the Tea Parlour, located at Redfern (though geographically closer to Central). Run by the lovely Amelia who lives just down the road from the place, it is quirky, quaint, and intimate. Opened in 2010, the small interior is packed with all sorts of vintage china, a variety of Victorian-era armchairs, sofas and wooden chairs. Part of its decor also includes a stuffed deer head and stuffed peacock, both of which dominate the room. These particularly pieces inevitably invites controversy in Internet conversations about the place, but to me it’s part of the charm, and they were no doubt picked up by Amelia as unwanted pieces, as the Tea Parlour seems to be very much inclined towards bringing a new lease of life to older artefacts.

Amelia was very obliging in allowing us to shoot at the Tea Parlour, and we arranged to do so on a Saturday morning before the place opens for tea at noon (it gets really busy on the weekend, especially since newspapers and Frankie magazine reviewed the place recently).

Lighting-wise, I tried to retain the natural, dim lighting within the Tea Parlour, with flashes set up strategically to boost the overall light levels to allow for the limitations of the camera. I opted for a cool look especially because the bluish walls matched well with Alysael’s dress.

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